V PORTUGUESE CONGRESS OF PSYCHODRAMA Coimbra/Figueira da Foz, 1st-4th April 1998

SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE PSICODRAMA (Portuguese Psychodrama Association)


Last year in Portugal - The Portuguese Congress of Psychodrama 1998

Grete Leutz

From FEPTO NEWS 2.3 Feb 1999




1st of April
21:30 – Public Psychodrama (at the Anfiteatro do Instituto Portuguęs da
Juventude, Coimbra)

2nd of April

At the Instituto Superior  Miguel Torga, Coimbra
Workshop 1 – "Genosociogram" - Anne Ancelin Schützenberger (lang.: English
or French)
Workshop 2 – "Dream and imagination in Psychodrama" - Grete Leutz (lang.:

Workshop 3 – "The search for the meaning of the reality sensation in the psychodramatic scene"
- Alfredo Soeiro (lang.: Portuguese)
Workshop 4 – "Between worlds and cultures – the locus nascendi of
Psychodrama" - Jörg Burmeister
(lang.: English or Spanish)

22h30m – Movie: "Spellbound" by Alfred Hitchcock. Comments by António Roma Torres
– Teatro Académico Gil Vicente (to be confirmed)

3rd of April

Hotel Mercure, Figueira da Foz

10h – Opening ceremony
10h30 – Conference "The bias of Moreno and its consequences to Psychodrama"
- Alfredo Soeiro

11h45 – Panel  – "THEORY OR TECHNIQUE?" -
Ch.: J. L. Pio de Abreu
António Roma Torres – "Theory(ies) of Psychodrama"
Teresa Nunes Vicente - "Psychodrama and Psychoanalysis"
José Adriano Fernandes – "Creativity and Psychodrama"

15h – Plenary Session: Grete Leutz

16h – 17h30
Workshop 1 - Luís Gamito – "The psychodramatic approach to social anxiety"
Workshop 2 – Cristina Villares Oliveira - "Routes for a journey to

Ch.: Carlos Saraiva
Fernando Vieira – "Diagnosis in Psychodrama: from the epistemologic
kaleidoscope to the psychopathological diagnosis"
Luciano Moura - "The forbidden fruit: diagnostic assessment in a dramatic game"
Jörg Burmeister - " Models of scientific and daily doccumentation in
or "the conserve is the presumption of spontaneity"

Dinner and Evening Reception – Hotel Mercure

4th of April

9h30 – Plenary Session: Jaime Rojas-Bermudez

10h30 – 12h
Workshop 3 - Carlos Amaral Dias - "Theory of the psychodramatic emergent"
Workshop 4 - Teixeira de Sousa – "The psychodramatic approach to the
psychopathology of love"

12h30 – Panel: Free papers

14h30 – The General Assembly of the Portuguese Psychodrama Association

17h – Plenary Session : Anne Ancelin Schützenberger

Ch.: Teixeira de Sousa
Marisol Filgueira (AEP)
Graciela Moyano (FEPTO)
Jörg Burmeister (DAGG)
Pio Abreu (SPP)

Dinner and Evening Reception – Casino da Figueira da Foz